Pre-install Checklist

From Pre-planning to Completion:

1. Do you know your location's building codes and permitting requirements?

  • Is an engineered building required?
  • Do you require fire retardant fabric?
  • Are you required to apply for a building permit?
  • How long is the permitting process?

2.Are you requiring financing?

  • RBC has agreed to handle financing at a competitive rate, please call for further information.

3. How to acquire an estimate?

  • By calling or emailing our sales team, they will help you refine your specs and create a quote for your approval.

. How to get the project started?

  • Sign your estimate agreeing that all details are accurate and return to Whiteline. A deposit of 50% will be required to be in place prior to the building being ordered.

5. What pre-site readiness is required?

  • Locates will be required to ensure that there will be no issues arising with the install.
  • The ground preparation must be done, if it is to be installed on the ground then make sure the site has only a maximum of 2% grade.
  • If this building is to be installed on gravel, concrete or asphalt pad, this must be in place before installation can start.
  • The information must be relayed to your sales person to confirm readiness.

6. Is the install equipment on site?

  • If customer is supplying the install equipment for this project, then there needs to be communication on types of equipment, start date and time. This needs to be set up with your sales team prior to start up date.

7. Is the area for construction clear?

  • Customer is responsible to have site clear of all obstacles including snow, so that crew has easy access the site.

8. Once building is completed?

  • When the installation of the building is complete, you will be required to walk through the structure with the crew to ensure that the building install has met your standards. The crew will not leave until you are satisfied and sign off on the construction completion form.

9. Annual Maintenance?

  • Once a year the ratchet straps should be checked and tightened if necessary. Whiteline offers the service of an annual inspection maintenance package. This has been well received by many of our customers; they have the comfort of knowing that experienced people are looking after their best interest.