Maintenance Tips

Having worked in the fabric building industry for over 20 years, we have learned through experience how to ensure that your building reaches its' maximum longevity. We offer an annual service maintenance package where we will come out to inspect and service your building. This service is not only offered to those who purchase a building from us and have us install them, but is available for both our customers who have purchased a building but installed them themselves and for those who have building from other manufacturers. We have extensive experience with all makes of fabric buildings and are confident that we can help you get the maximum life span out of your buildings.

Why is annual maintenance of my building important?

By performing maintenance on your building on a yearly basis, you are ensuring that your building remains in peak shape. Because of this you can expect a longer life span for your building.

Who should perform the maintenance on my building?

You wouldn't take your car to be serviced by a dentist, just as you shouldn't have just anyone inspect your building. Our certified crews know fabric buildings in and out and can ensure that no aspect is missed while inspecting your building, giving you peace of mind that your building is performing as it should be.

Is it really necessary to have the maintenance done every year?

In short, yes. As time goes on, parts of your building may loosen, corrode, or wear due to the elements and use. By having maintenance performed on a yearly basis you are preventing your building from excessive wear and tear that may cause massive (and expensive) issues down the road.

What if I have had my building for a while and have never had maintenance performed? Will I receive a large bill after the service due to larger wear and tear?

Whiteline has a set list of what our crews are authorized to repair and/or replace when performing maintenance, and what needs to go to the customer for approval before completion. We will come and make any repairs or adjustments needed that fit into the original specifications of the service. Any additional work that goes above and beyond the maintenance will need to be approved by you before it is completed.

How will I know what will be done when maintenance is performed? How much will it

Contact us for an estimate and a detailed list of what is completed during the maintenance. We will be happy to talk through the process and explain why it needs to be done.

Do I get a record of the maintenance?

Yes. After each service is performed a report is compiled by the crew who do the work. It will then be typed up and delivered sent to you for your records.