Covered Ice Skating Hockey Rink

Covered Ice Skating Hockey Rink Shelter Alberta

Expand the season, decreased labour and increase play time. Protect your rink ice from sun, snow, rain, wind and debris. Protect the skaters form the harsh elements.

After many years of using outdoor ice we have seen the benefits a fabric building can provide.

Fabric Building Benefits:

  • Portable
  • Less labour required to maintain your ice.
  • To maintain freezing temperatures, an insulation package can be added.
  • Extend ice season by 4 to 6 weeks longer by keeping harmful UV rays off the ice
  • Bright during the day, reflects lights at night being brighter than most conventional buildings
  • No wind chill to worry about, can skate comfortably in temperatures you normall could not
  • Multi-use facility, for all seasons, can hold all types of events and functions